Self-kindness is incredibly important for children and it’s easy to understand why. Self-kindness helps us feel better about ourselves, be kinder to others and even perform better at times when life feels difficult.

Self-kindness is amazingly beneficial.

Studies say that if we can be kind to ourselves we can feel better and even perform better.

Studies on self-compassion have linked it to greater emotional resilience, more caring relationships and less reactive anger.

Researchers found that people who are compassionate to themselves are much less likely to be depressed, anxious, and stressed, and are much more likely to be happy, resilient, and optimistic about their future.

You can see why you’d want to teach self-kindness to children, right?

But understanding is not enough.

Self-kindness is a skill… which means that you get better at it with practice

You want to teach your brain to find that state more often and it doesn’t happen merely by knowing how valuable it is.

Instead, you want to build those pathways in your brain and keep grooving them to make it easier to access thoughts and feelings of self-compassion and to finally make it a habit.

How then do you practice self-kindness?

Here’s one simple activity you can try together with me and then do with your children to nurture self-kindness.

So, let’s do a quick self-kindness activity together…

Self-kindness activity for children ( and grown-ups, too )

I’ll pick one kindness card from my deck of Ultimate Mindfulness And Growth Mindset Cards and we’ll practice together :-)

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Wishing you many heartwarming moments with your children :-)

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