What People Say About Us

“Teaching caregivers and youth/ children about the brain with regards to trauma and the resulting behaviours can often be frustrating and confusing concepts to grasp…. But Chris from Blissful Kids has come up with a way to engage a variety of age groups into conversations about the brain with the creation of his “brain team”. I am so thankful that I found this creative and fun way to talk about the brain to youth/ children and caregivers to help them understand how each of the “characters” help to protect the youth/ child from “perceived or real threats”. You can never go wrong with introducing superheroes when trying to explain concepts to young people so I’m excited to be able to introduce the “brain team” of Amy, Tex and Hippo to the people I work with.”

– Cassandra Williams, Foster Family Support Worker

“I’m so very grateful for the way you make mindfulness accessible. You simplify it so that anyone can start! Go you Chris!!!!”
– Adrienne Ansley

“You make mindfulness fun! I really like the short, to the point activities in attention. I learn something new and exciting every time I hear from you. Thanks Chris!”
– Jana York, Teacher and Mindfulness Author

“I have two very young children and I’ve been meditating for the last couple of years, so I’m always looking for ways to introduce them to mindfulness and kindness and Blissful Kids is the best I’ve found this far. I totally recommend it, even for adults!”
Natalia Berlanga, Mom
“Blissfulkids disseminates such positive and engaging information for children and teens. As the founder of an outstanding primary school, now working as a family life coach, the work of blissfulkids is vital and necessary in education and for wellbeing.”
– Melissa Carter, Primary School Founder & Family Life Coach
“As a mindfulness teacher I love the content and your simple, creative ideas. Thanks for sharing of yourself.”
– Meeghan Norwitz, Mindfulness Teacher
“I am a granny and also a Social Worker working with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. I love the work you are doing and use your ideas and suggestions in many of the things I do with children and young people.”
– Gilly, Social Worker
“Hello, I’m a teacher and a grandmother. As a teacher I have teenager’s students and as a grandmother I have three grandchildren, of 2,5 and 8 years old. I love blissful kids and the wonderful suggestions you have there, very useful and inspiring. Congratulations. I take profit from it.”
– Maria, Grandma
“I’ve shared your website with many people – I LOVE your work.”
– Marion, Mindfulness Teacher
“I like that you continue to remind that it can be playful!”
– Jen Griest Hayes
“Thank’s so much Chris, you’re amazing! Your ideas had helped me so many times to build great classes contents! I would like to help kids build stronger self esteem and more perception about their own feelings.”
– Yaacov Rubin
“Thank you so much. My sincere gratitude for such wonderful activities.”
– AiNee Cha
“Excellent work Chris! Be Mindful… Pause… Connect! 🙏💗✌”
– Mindfulness Mentor
“Thank you so much for all this really helpful and fun information. I can’t wait to share with the students at my school 🙏🏻”
– Sami Kelly
“Thanks a lot Chris, I’m a kids’ yoga teacher and your suggestions are really helpful with kids.”
– Margherita Vigo
“Thank you Chris, l am a mindfulness teacher myself and I also work with kids. I love your video and am so looking forward to hearing the rest. Your video is interesting and compelling and to the point. Thanks for making it so easy to follow.”
– Stacy Gross
“Thank you for this opportinuty to grow in mindfulness. I look forward to all of the knowledge you have to share! I enjoyed this first part and how you shared from your own life. Thank you Chris!”
– Pamela McKenzie
“Thank you so much Chris! The content is very clear and accessible for all kinds of parents. I love it!”
– Andréa Cappai
“I love hearing about ALL the benefits of mindfulness. So much more than what I was taught in my counseling program.”
– Sharon Morey

Blissful Kids worked with Twinkl as part of their Children’s Mental Health Week campaign, and is featured in their 5 Steps To Improve Children’s Wellbeing Article.