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Self-regulation Skills




Attention Skills

Growth Mindset and

Social Emotional Skills


✅ Easy-To-Do Micro-Activities

✅ Simple Explanations

✅ Quiz Questions

✅ Engaging Talking Points

As Simple As 3 Steps…

✅ STEP #1 Pick a theme

✅ STEP #2 Read card aloud

✅ STEP #3 Grow essential life skills

Grow Essential Life-Skills

With Science-Based Activities…

…In Less Than 5 Minutes A Day

✅ Self-regulation, focus and calm

✅ Resilience and Growth Mindset skills

✅ Kindness and Self-kindness

✅ Joy, Gratitude and Contentment

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120 engaging cards with easy-to-do mindfulness and growth mindset micro-activities, explanations, quiz questions and talking points.

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