“Our Mission is to Help You Empower Children.”

– Chris Bergstrom

A letter to you


My name is Chris. I’m a dad and a best-selling mindfulness author.

Welcome to Blissful Kids!

As a certified mindfulness instructor with over two hundred constructed mindfulness activities for kids and teens to my name, my mission for the last seven years has been to figure out how to make mindfulness practice for kids both practical and easy.

In today’s demanding, competitive environment, many children struggle with difficult emotions, self-worth and increasing stress.

Without intentional social-emotional development children may not learn how to effectively process their emotions and connect with others in healthy ways. That’s where mindfulness skills can help.

Mindfulness offers something for every child and teaches awareness of our internal processes and acceptance of our external experiences and the world around us.

It can help reduce stress, improve focus and attention, nurture calm, develop resilience, joy, and optimism—and cultivate kindness towards others and the self.

Watching a child rise above his or her struggles, is the most AMAZING, gratifying feeling. This spring my son was bullied in pre-school, but he was able to cope and come to terms with going to school by doing a simple, calming mindful breathing activity in the parking lot before school each day.

This helped him to be able to think kindly toward the boy who was bullying him by practicing loving kindness and because of this approach, the two boys eventually became friends. It was incredibly rewarding to know that I had helped my son develop concrete tools to help him feel better and overcome adversity.

My sincere wish is that mindfulness practice becomes easier for you and your children, and that together you keep developing and enjoying the benefits of mindfulness.

Empowering children with these valuable life skills is how we begin to build a better world, and I am proud to be able to undertake this journey with you.

With Love and Gratitude,
Chris Bergstrom

P.S. You can find some of the tools I created for you below. I created these tools to make implementing mindfulness practice with children more “user-friendly” and fun, whether you are a therapist, an educator, or a parent.

Calming Mindful Breathing Boards

Help children improve concentration and self-regulate with fun breathing boards.

120 Engaging Mindfulness & Growth Mindset Cards

Teach mindfulness and growth mindset skills the easy way with 120 engaging child- and classroom-friendly micro-activities.

Breathing Activity Toolkit With 25 Fun Activities

Make mindful breathing practice playful for kids with this mini-course & toolkit with 25 fun mindful breathing activities.

Four-Week Training For Teachers & Parents

Integrate gratitude, loving-kindness, appreciative joy and mindful breathing practice to your day – at home or at school.

Ultimate Mindfulness Activity Book

Give children lasting life skills to de-stress, self-regulate and nurture empathy, kindness, and joy. Discover 150+ mindfulness activities for kids ages 3-12+.

Teach Mindful Breathing To Young Children

Enjoy a fun engaging story and give children lasting life skills to de-stress, calm down, improve focusing skills and positive thinking.


12 Bite-Sized Mindfulness Activities


Simple activities for:




Focus and Calm

Emotional Intelligence

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