12 Bite-Sized Mindfulness Activities For Kids

Explore 12 bite-sized mindfulness activities and help children develop resilience and mindfulness.

Blissful Kids is a community of 60.000+ parents, educators and therapists.

Our mission is to help you empower children. We do this by blogging about children’s mindfulness, psychology and well-being. And by publishing engaging mindfulness activities, books and online training materials for you.

Empowering children with valuable life skills is how we begin to build a better world, and we are proud to be able to undertake this journey with you.

Below you will find tools to make implementing mindfulness practice with children more engaging and fun, whether you are a therapist, an educator, or a parent.

Breathing Games: Make Calming Breathing Fun

Help children improve concentration and self-regulate with our engaging breathing games. Create a positive classroom environment or use as an individual intervention.

Breathing Stories: Teach Calming Breathing To Young Children

Learning slow-paced, calming breathing is a snap with these cute breathing stories for younger children.

Breathing Activity Toolkit With 25 Fun Activities

Make mindful breathing practice playful for kids with this mini-course & toolkit with 25 fun mindful breathing activities.

Four-Week Training For Teachers & Parents

Integrate gratitude, loving-kindness, appreciative joy and mindful breathing practice to your day – at home or at school.

Ultimate Mindfulness Activity Book

Give children lasting life skills to de-stress, self-regulate and nurture empathy, kindness, and joy. Discover 150+ mindfulness activities for kids ages 3-12+.

Teach Mindful Breathing To Young Children

Enjoy a fun engaging story and give children lasting life skills to de-stress, calm down, improve focusing skills and positive thinking.

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