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Blissful Kids is a community of 60.000+ parents, educators and therapists.

Our mission is to help you empower children. We do this by blogging about children’s mindfulness, psychology and well-being. And by publishing engaging mindfulness activities, books and online training materials for you.

Empowering children with valuable life skills is how we begin to build a better world, and we are proud to be able to undertake this journey with you.

Below you will find tools to make implementing mindfulness practice with children more “user-friendly” and fun, whether you are a therapist, an educator, or a parent.

Calming Mindful Breathing Boards

Help children improve concentration and self-regulate with fun breathing boards.

120 Engaging Mindfulness & Growth Mindset Cards

Teach mindfulness and growth mindset skills the easy way with 120 engaging child- and classroom-friendly micro-activities.

Breathing Activity Toolkit With 25 Fun Activities

Make mindful breathing practice playful for kids with this mini-course & toolkit with 25 fun mindful breathing activities.

Four-Week Training For Teachers & Parents

Integrate gratitude, loving-kindness, appreciative joy and mindful breathing practice to your day – at home or at school.

Ultimate Mindfulness Activity Book

Give children lasting life skills to de-stress, self-regulate and nurture empathy, kindness, and joy. Discover 150+ mindfulness activities for kids ages 3-12+.

Teach Mindful Breathing To Young Children

Enjoy a fun engaging story and give children lasting life skills to de-stress, calm down, improve focusing skills and positive thinking.

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