The gratitude spies game is a great way to teach kids the importance of being grateful. In this fun mindfulness game for kids, players take on the role of “gratitude spies” who are tasked with finding things that they’re thankful for.

This can be done by looking for things that make them happy, writing down things they’re grateful for, or even just noticing the good things that happen throughout the day. By playing this game, kids will not only learn to be more grateful, but they’ll also have a lot of fun!

Mindfulness Game for Kids – How to Play the Gratitude Spies Game with Kids

Purpose: Gratitude, Connection, Appreciative joy

Best for: Ages 5+, groups or one-on-one

What you need: Pen and a piece of paper or a chalkboard

The rules of the gratitude spies game are simple. All you need is a group of kids and a way to keep track of their progress (e.g., a piece of paper or chalkboard).

To start, each child should choose one thing that they’re thankful for. Once everyone has chosen something, they can begin looking for more gratitude clues around them. These can be things like a smile from a friend, a helpful act from someone else, or even just something they see that makes them happy. Whenever they find a gratitude clue, they should write it down or tell it to the group so everyone can share in their happiness.

The aim of the game is to see who can find the most gratitude clues within a set period of time (e.g., one day or a week). At the end of the game, everyone can share their favorite moments and what they’ve learned about being grateful.

The gratitude spies game is a great way to teach kids about the importance of being grateful. By playing this game, kids will not only have fun, but they’ll also learn how to notice and appreciate all the good things in their life.

I hope you’ll enjoy this activity with the kids!!


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