Specially Designed For Educators, Therapists and Parents

Give Children Skills For Life.

Teach Children Strategies To Slow Down, Unwind, Focus And Manage Their Emotions

Improve Concentration, Learn Self-Regulation, Reduce Stress And Build Resilience.

What Educators and Parents Say:

“This course showed me how easy it is to get kids to practice mindfulness and belly breathing in order to calm themselves down!”

– Stephanie Hall, Educator

“Great course!I am feeling excited, equipped and more mindful with how I teach these activities so the children can benefit from it.”

– Wendy, Educator

“This course has reallyopened my eyes to the numerous simple, joyful, and easy to follow mindfulness tools for helping children.

I feel more confident in sharing these mindful breathing exercises for children at both home and school environments!”

– Vanessa, Mom and Early Childhood Educator

“These breathing exercises are easy and effective and I feel confident about using them to teach other kids.”

– Yin Mee Cheah, Educator and Mindfulness Teacher

“I was already pretty well versed on mindfulness and mindful breathing, but I loved having specific kid-oriented activities to make it more accessible to a younger audience.”

– Amanda Mercer, Licensed Professional Counselor

“Easy Mindful Breathing for Kids is a fantastic course to recommend to all parents.

Margherita, Educator

Now you can use the same strategy.

Introducing Your Breathing Activity Toolkit

Easy Mindful Breathing For Kids

From #1 Best-Selling Mindfulness Author And Instructor

50 Minutes of Training



Make Calming Breathing Easy To Teach And Learn

Conscious mindful breathing is a powerful tool for self-regulation.

It’s nothing short of amazing to see children empowered and self-regulating.

ANYONE can do mindful breathing the way we teach it.

In fact here’s what educators and parents say about the activities:

“One of my 4-year-old twins already does calming breathing on his own when he gets upset. It’s amazing to watch! I can’t help but think what a powerful long-term impact these skills can have on their emotional development and mental health.”

– Becky, Mother

“I love the activities and your simple, creative ideas.”

– Janet, Educator

“Many of the students have used them to help calm their bodies down when they are upset and angry. Teachers are beginning to use it between transitions in the classroom. Thanks for the great ideas.”

– Teresa, Educator

“It helps them calm down and feel more in control of themselves.Can’t wait for school to start so that I can use these techniques.”

– Karen, Educator

“I feel empowered to work with children,and also feel empowered that I can device more such activities and techniques over time, building on my own experience as I work.”

– Kavita, Educator

“These powerful mindfulness breathing exerciseshelps to encourage self-awareness, inner calm, and emotional regulation in children (and adults of all ages).”

– Vanessa, Educator

Highlights Of
Easy Mindful Breathing For Kids

✅ 15 activities in less than 50 minutes: Easy for you to learn

✅ Simple activities: Easy for you to teach

✅ Playful activities to easily engage children

✅ Visual, tactile and aural ways for different learning styles

✅ Activities any child can do ( even young ones )

✅ Techniques for children who don’t like to “meditate”

✅ 100% secular and science based ( perfect for school )

✅ Short videos ( max 3 min, I know you’re busy )

✅ No prior practice needed

✅ You can start practicing with children today

Use this science based activity toolkit to help make mindful breathing with children easy and engaging:

Benefits Of Mindful Breathing

✅ Anxiety and stress in children inhibits learning. A relaxed state enhances the ability to learn, focus and memorise.

✅ Deep breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, bringing us into a relaxed state.

✅ Mindful breathing is a powerful tool for self-regulation.

✅ When we concentrate intently on the now instead of our mind chatter, we eliminate a significant amount of stress and worry.

✅ Learning to pay attention to our breath translates into improved focusing skills for learning and improved performance.

✅ Children learn that they can regulate their internal state to focus, calm down and feel better.

✅ By learning to focus on your own breathing first, you can learn to focus, calm down and handle difficult emotions, thoughts and situations.

✅ When children improve focusing skills and feel better, they can improve many things like: test taking, public speaking, sports and arts.

✅ Mindful breathing has been found to reduce anxiety, promote self-regulation and positive thinking.

✅ Mindful breathing has been found to be effective in reducing test anxiety and increased positive automatic thoughts in students.

Easy Mindful Breathing For Kids Is Designed To Be A Shortcut

Easy Mindful Breathing is not a traditional mindfulness course. It’s a video activity toolkit you can view in less than 50 minutes, that will help you make practice easy and engaging for both children and yourself.

Calming breathing becomes easy to teach and easy to practice.

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Make Calming Mindful Breathing Practice Easy

What You Get:

✅ Complete Easy Mindful Breathing For Kids Video Training 

✅ Activity Scripts

✅ Activity Check-list 

✅ BONUS: 21 Best Practices Ebook & Cheat Sheet

✅ BONUS: Playful Sensory Awareness Activities ebook 

✅ BONUS “CD”: Guided Body Awareness Activities For Kids ( audio files )

Total Value: $47

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Easy Mindful Breathing For Kids Is Great For:
  • Kindergarten teachers
  • Grade school teachers
  • High school teachers
  • Social workers


  • Yoga teachers
  • Parents
  • Grand parents
  • God parents
  • Counselors
  • Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Mindfulness teachers


Start Nurturing Amazing Life Skills

Practice More Often And Keep It Playful

15 playful mindful breathing activities will help you practice daily, give you variety and keep it engaging…

✅ Even if you are completely new to mindfulness

✅ Even if it all feels like a chore

✅ Even if you’ve taught before and felt discouraged

Please, don’t give up! Try our time-tested activities.

A Message From Your Trainer

There is no better feeling than the feeling that you have impacted a child in a positive way—possibly for the rest of their life.

Imagine being able to help children in ways that schools usually don’t. Children aren’t taught how to focus, but they are told to pay attention every day. Children are told to “calm down” but aren’t taught how to actually do it.

As proactive educators and parents we can help children change the game. Make them feel powerful and in control, self-regulate, handle anxiety, calm down, beat fear, feel better, focus on a difficult task and ultimately succeed!

Sure, it takes practice, you have to keep going and commit to it, but I guarantee you it’s absolutely worth it.

Teaching kids mindfulness skills can change their lives and it totally changed mine.

Since my discovery of easy mindfulness activities I’ve assisted hundreds of thousands through my books, courses and blog.

I’ve taught classes, helped parents, grandparents, teachers, counsellors, doctors and therapists make mindfulness easy.

My five-year-old son has concrete tools to help him be focused, calmer, less scared, and more positive.

It’s amazing what kids can do!

I feel like I’m doing my job as a parent. Knowing that I can give my son this gift.

Now, I want to give you easy access to that same sense of contentment, accomplishment, and connection with your children that our family and my students have experienced.

I’ve cherry-picked the best activities for you to easily nurture calm, awareness, attention and self-regulation skills.

Learn exactly how to nurture calm, focus and resilience and build a thriving mindfulness practice with children and youth.

Let me and my son show you how. Try Easy Mindful Breathing For Kids.

This training is short by design and to the point. Best of all, it takes less than 50 minutes to master 15 playful mindful breathing activities.

Easy Mindful Breathing for Kids was created to make mindful breathing easy.

Easy for you to teach and easy for children to practice!

With love,

Chris Bergstrom

Trainer Credentials

Your trainer Chris is a bestselling mindfulness author, a leader in the field of mindfulness, the founder of BlissfulKids.com, a blog dedicated to children’s mindfulness, and a dad who is thrilled to practice mindfulness with his son.

He is a certified mindfulness facilitator and trained to teach mindfulness to students in K-12. Chris has been trained by UCLA, Mindful Schools and Mindfulness Without Borders. He’s also known as “the dad who tried 200+ mindfulness activities” and has taught meditation for more than 15 years.

What people say about Chris:

“I’m so very grateful for the way you make mindfulness accessible. You simplify it so that anyone can start! Go you Chris!!!!”

– Adrienne Ansley, Educator

“You make mindfulness fun! I really like the short, to the point activities in attention. I learn something new and exciting every time I hear from you. Thanks Chris!”

– Jana York, Mindfulness Teacher and Author

“I have two very young children and I’ve been meditating for the last couple of years, so I’m always looking for ways to introduce them to mindfulness and kindness and Blissful Kids is the best I’ve found this far. I totally recommend it, even for adults!”

– Natalia Berlanga, Mom

“Blissfulkids disseminates such positive and engaging information for children and teens. As the founder of an outstanding primary school, now working as a family life coach, the work of blissfulkids is vital and necessary in education and for wellbeing.”

– Melissa Carter, Primary School Founder & Family Life Coach

“As a mindfulness teacher I love the content and your simple, creative ideas. Thanks for sharing of yourself.”

– Meeghan Norwitz, Mindfulness Teacher

“Thank’s so much Chris, you’re amazing! Your ideas had helped me so many times to build great classes contents!

– Yaacov Rubin, Educator

“Thank you so much Chris! The content is very clear and accessible for all kinds of parents. I love it!”

– Andréa Cappai, Mindfulness Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this toolkit for?

The toolkit is specially designed for educators, counselors, therapists and parents to help children learn self-regulation and focusing skills to nurture resilience, learning and calm.

How is this different from other courses?

First of all, it’s not a traditional course. It is a toolkit–a set of playful mindful breathing activities. Easy to do. Easy to teach. Easy to practice.

You don’t need to spend hours learning theory. Just pick your favorites, start practicing with your children and that’s it.

Is the content available right away?

YES, the content is available right now. Enjoy it at your own pace.

What if I don’t like the program and decide this isn’t for me?

No worries. I stand by my work. If you don’t like it, just write us an email within 15 days and receive your FULL refund right away.

How long does it take to view the training materials?

About 50 minutes. That’s it!

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Make Calming Mindful Breathing Practice Easy

What You Get:

✅ Complete Easy Mindful Breathing For Kids Video Training 

✅ Activity Scripts

✅ Activity Check-list 

✅ BONUS: 21 Best Practices Ebook & Cheat Sheet

✅ BONUS: Playful Sensory Awareness Activities ebook 

✅ BONUS “CD”: Guided Body Awareness Activities For Kids ( audio files )

Total Value: $47

$37 $29

Gain Access to Your Easy Mindful Breathing For Kids Program

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If you have any questions or concerns about the program, email us.
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