Mindfulness exercises for children - gratitude

Mindfulness Exercises for Children: Gratitude for Happiness and Health

What if there was a simple, fun-to-do exercise that could make us happier, healthier and improve our social life? Well, there is one – and it’s all about being thankful. In a bit, I’ll explain how to practice mindful gratitude with ...
Mindfulness with children

Mindfulness With Children – 8 Tips For Success

We are often told how mindfulness can benefit us as we live stressed out lives with frantic schedules. Research abounds on the impact of a mindfulness/meditation practice to help us live our best life. What if we had started this ...
Mindfulness for children

Mindfulness For Children – How To Prepare Yourself In 7 Steps

We live in a highly stressful world these days. Pressures from work and family and trying to have it all seem to rob our lives of joy. We want to do it all and have it all and we want ...
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loving kindness meditation

How Loving Kindness Meditation Changed My Life – Seriously

Loving Kindness Meditation is a common type of meditation that is appropriate for beginners and seasoned meditators alike. It is so versatile. You can add a brief loving kindness session at the beginning or end of your typical meditation time, ...