I’ve been reading books on positive psychology for children aka “the science of happiness”, this summer.  I’m a big fan and one of my all-time favorite psychology authors is Dr Martin Seligman, the founder of the field of positive psychology, and author of the books “Flourish” and “The Optimistic Child.”

Gratitude is one of the main ways he suggests we can improve our lives and there is a vast number of ways in which to practically introduce more gratitude into our lives.

I have practiced gratitude with my, now seven year-old, son since he was just six months. Gratitude practice was something we did back when my son was just a baby (Bedtime thank you’s). He probably didn’t understand what we were saying at first, but the feelings were contagious and clearly soothed him. Looking back, I think it has shaped the way he sees the world.

We’ve tried many gratitude activities and I recommend the next gratitude exercise because it fosters feelings of both connectedness and happiness – two key characteristics that support well-being in children. And it’s easy to do with kids too! WIN, WIN, WIN! :-)

I dare you to try it right now on your own, it takes just a minute to complete  :-)

Mindfulness and Positive Psychology for Children – The Gratitude Card

Purpose: Gratitude and connectedness

Best for: Ages 3+, groups or one-on-one

What you need: Pen and paper

Okay, this is easy! Did you know that sharing happiness grows more happiness? It’s true. Now, draw a picture or write a gratitude card for someone you like.

1. Think of a person you like, love or appreciate.
2. Write their name and why you like them, like this:

___________ , you are awesome!
I like you because:___________________________________.

See how it feels to make the note and to give it. My guess is that it will make you feel good when you see how happy it makes the other person. See what happens!

You can send a message, too. See what happens!

That’s it!


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With gratitude, Chris Bergstrom

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