Do you want to make mindfulness practice and learning about emotions both interesting and fun? With this musical mindfulness game, you can! This fun mindfulness activity for kids uses music to assist children in developing fundamental mindfulness skills.

The mindful “Feeling The Music” game can help children improve their focusing and listening abilities, as well as connect with their emotions.

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Preparing the activity is lots of fun too. All you need to do is to make a playlist with music that expresses different emotions. Music, as you are probably aware, has been shown to alter one’s mood. Music can make you happy, sad, or  or even give you the blues. With older kids you can explore different kinds of emotions, and with younger kids you may want to keep it simple.

Oh, and here’s some good news… I created a music playlist to get you started :-)

Mindfulness Games for Kids: Feeling The Music

Purpose: Mindfulness of sounds, Understanding emotions, Focus

Best for: Ages 4+, groups or one-on-one

What you need: A selection of music

Step 1: Select songs that elicit a range of emotions. Alternatively, you can use the playlist I created for you below.

Step 2: Play the songs one at a time, and ask the children whether they think the song is happy or sad. With older children, you can ask them what emotions the songs evoke because they can identify a broader range of emotions.

Step 3: Finally, inquire as to why they chose a specific emotion. What is it about the song that makes it happy, sad, or evokes another emotion? Is it the singer’s voice, the pitch, the volume, the speed, or what the singer says? Continue in this manner until you’ve tried all of the songs.

Here’s my “Happy and Sad Songs” playlist, which you can use to create your own song list.

I hope you have a good time playing this activity with the kids!! We certainly do :-)


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Wishing you many mindful moments

With gratitude,

Chris Bergstrom

Chief Mindfulness Ninja @ Blissful Kids


Chris Bergstrom is a bestselling mindfulness author, a leader in the field of mindfulness, and the founder of, a community of parents, educators, and therapists dedicated to children’s mindfulness and psychology, with over 15 years of experience facilitating meditation and psychological interventions to people of all ages.

Chris is a certified mindfulness facilitator, trained to teach mindfulness to students in K-12, and has received psychology and mindfulness training from UPenn, UCLA, UNC, Mindful Schools, and Mindfulness Without Borders.