My son, Anton, sees how stressed I am. This time I’m proud because I can handle my stress and not turn into “grumpy dad” :-)

He says:

Dad, don’t worry about the mindfulness cards. Whatever happens is okay.

I guess he’s right :-)

But building a global launch for the “ultimate mindfulness and growth mindset cards” has given me grey hair ( I think it’s all grey by now ).

The project has this far been a true growth mindset exercise for me :-)

Which fits the theme perfectly:

I’ve learned to trust my self, do things bit by bit and take my time mindfully to get it just right.

I’m happy and proud to finally launch the cards and to be able to serve our global community, which was important to me from the start.

Our community is built of thousands of wonderful caring human beings from more than 140 countries!!

I was told by experts to do an US only launch, but I wanted to include as many from our community as I could and finally figured out a way to make shipping work worldwide.

So here we are…

crowdfunding the SMARTEST mindfulness and growth mindset cards EVER made :-)

I say smartest because I’ve gotten so much input from our community!

I know the cards will help so many children. And to do that I’ve made the cards super handy for educators, therapists and parents.

I’ve tried more than 200 mindfulness activities and now I’ve tried to distill all that know-how into the cards to help you help children more efficiently.

The idea behind the cards has been to make teaching and practice with children as easy as possible. For me, my son and now for you!

I created the cards to help children learn strategies to:

  • Handle difficult emotions & self-regulate
  • Improve concentration & self-efficacy
  • Feel more joy and think positively
  • Nurture kindness and self-kindness

I asked you, the community what you wanted and here’s the result.

The cards are designed to:

  • Increase participation with talking points, quizzes and easy-to-do activities
  • Make practice easy with short micro-activities
  • Keep practice fresh with 120 mini-lessons and micro-activities
  • Make teaching easy with close to zero prep time and lots of inspiration
  • Be class-room friendly with secular and SEL based content

Now, to thank you for being part of the Blissful Kids community, for your support and goodwill you will receive exclusive campaign discounts and bonuses. And I’m extending this offer to your friends and colleagues as well. So, don’t hesitate to share the campaign.

Yes, I’m going all in :)

I want to make this campaign happen because my sincere wish is that every child has the opportunity to learn these amazing skills.

I truly believe that children with the skills, that these cards help you grow, can build a better future for the whole planet.

Helping children feel and do better is like planting seeds that can change the course of our shared tomorrow.

When we reach our goal, you’ll have helped thousands of children learn empowering life skills.

Not only will this be a new, engaging way to learn mindfulness, but you’ll also be a part of real-world change, teaching children empowering life skills.

With your help, we’ll be able to get the decks printed to make Ultimate Mindfulness and Growth Mindset Cards a reality for thousands of children!

So, go check out your VIP offer and what cool bonuses you will get :)

Click here to check out your VIP offer and what bonuses you will get

With gratitude and love,

Chris Bergstrom

Founder of Blissful Kids


I get asked why we’re crowdfunding. Here’s the answer:

We want to print a large volume of decks to be able to lower the price per deck for you.

The thing with crowdfunding is that unless the goal amount is reached the campaign will not be funded. So, in this case all pre-orders will be refunded by Indiegogo if we don’t reach our goal.

This is nice for you because there’s no risk involved. On top of this we offer another special guarantee:

You can request a refund until the end of the campaign on July 1st 2021 AND before you have confirmed and paid for shipping.

This way there will be no surprise costs for you and you will be able to refund your pre-order should you decide to do so.

Click here to check out your VIP offer and what bonuses you will get


Chris Bergstrom is a bestselling mindfulness author, a leader in the field of mindfulness, the founder of, a blog dedicated to children’s mindfulness, and a dad who is thrilled to practice mindfulness with his son. He is a certified mindfulness facilitator and trained to teach mindfulness to students in K-12. He’s also known as “the dad who tried 200+ mindfulness activities” and has taught meditation for more than 15 years.