Three Mindful Holiday GiftsΒ  For You πŸ’


Fun Printable Gratitude Prompts For Kids

Download and print these festive gratitude prompts to get into the holiday spirit. Print the PDF as a poster or cut out six fun gratitude and kindness cards for your kids to boost holiday cheer and thankfulness.


Benefits Of Gratitude Printable Posters

( From my new kid’s books )

In a kid-friendly manner, explain and remind children of the amazing scientific benefits of gratitude.


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The Little Gratitude Book For Kids

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Enjoy this fun way to experience gratitude with your children.

You’ll be ** grateful ** you did!

Praise For
The Little Book Of Gratitude For Kids


“This book is amazing. The elegance is in its simplicity. You have provided such an incredible variety of prompts. One prompt a day and what a great habit of being grateful can be developed. Thank you.” – Adrienne Ansley, Educator


β€œThis book will help your little one see more good things in life and instill optimism and a sense of wonder.” – Mary Fletcher, Psychologist


“This book is such a lovely way to share cheer, positivity and joy! I am amazed by how thoughtful and insightful your book is and how it points out to various areas in one’s life to be thankful for.” – Vanessa, Educator


β€œAs an educator with over 25 years of experience in ELT and author of English Language course books for pre-primary and primary classes, I highly recommend these adorable little gratitude books.” – Jill L., Educator andΒ Author of Captain Jack


β€œWe’ve been reading it together before bed, and it’s become one of our favorite activities. Thank you Chris!” – Linda Wilson, Mom


β€œI love the way this book creates curiosity and a sense of wonderment. The simple yet thought provoking questions encourage responses and allow the imagination to spark. We truly have so much to be grateful for every day!” – Jana York,Β  Educator and AuthorΒ of Claire’s Journey Toward Mindfulness


“The Little Book Of Gratitude For Kids captures the attention of the heart with eye catching colours, child like drawings, and a message that is simple but very powerful. Good for kids of all ages and kids at heart. This book will be read frequently at my house.” – Winter Hill, Mother and Educator

πŸŽ„ Wishing You And Your Family A Blissful Christmas πŸŽ„

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