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“This book is like a perfect little pep talk, empowering children and helping them to recognize the brilliance within themselves.”

Taking the time to recognize all that’s good within ourselves helps nurture a kind relationship with ourselves. Fostering this connection can empower children to develop healthy self-esteem in an enjoyable way – through gratitude exercises that inspire inner strength.

Through helpful prompts, children learn how to speak and think kindly of themselves in a way that creates feelings of self-compassion and self-worth.

Thinking about all of the wonderful things that make us unique and special is a great way to boost our own self-esteem and practice self-compassion. Celebrate who you are!

Simply open the book and read a fun prompt that will get your children thinking about all the good things they have in their lives while instilling optimism, self-esteem and a sense of wonder.

  • Easily engage kids with a variety of playful gratitude prompts
  • Begin practicing right away with no preparation
  • Make practice entertaining and sustainable for children
  • Nurture self-esteem, optimism, mindfulness, social emotional skills, and resilience
  • Practice gratitude using science-based pedagogical principles
  • Read together or have your children read the book to feel better and calmer
  • Practice and connect with children in kindergarten, school, and at home

With *gratitude*,

Chris Bergstrom (Author)


Founder of

#1 Best-selling author of Ultimate Mindfulness Activity Book 

and The Little Book of Gratitude for Kids

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