Wow…what an incredible book. It’s like you have compiled every great mindfulness-based activity and put all of it in one place.”

I have read so many books on this topic but this is the best by far. Thank you for sharing it with me. I’m so grateful to you.”

This book makes it easy and is a must have for every parent and teacher!”

– Denise Besic, Mother and Mindfulness Teacher

“Excellent tools and resources for teaching mindfulness to kids, Thank You!”

- Ann, Mom and teacher

"The last book on mindfulness activities you'll need."

- Debra, Mom

“You need this book if you plan to make mindfulness stick.”

- Kristen, Mom

“A valuable aid for building bridges, strengthening family bonds, and nurturing emotional intelligence.”

- Claire, Mom

“Uncomplicated and practical!"

- Tina, Mother of two teenagers

"If my 5-year-old can, so can you."

- Brenda, Mom


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In Ultimate Mindfulness Activity Book you will find:

  • 150+ playful mindfulness activities
  • Tools for joy, focus, kindness, calm, emotional intelligence and emotional regulation
  • 21-step-guide to kick-start and sustain your practice together
  • Inspirational examples of how mindfulness makes positive change
  • Easy to understand explanations to illustrate mindfulness to kids and youth
  • Includes a mindfulness audio course for grown-ups
  • And more

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** AWESOME ** Pre-release Reviews

Mindfulness is an approach that many of the children and young people I work with find engaging; as such I am always on the lookout for new mindfulness resources. As a psychologist, understanding the underlying theory and evidence base for the approaches I use are essential, however, this often means resources are lacking practical application. This is why I was so excited to find a book full of mindfulness activities for children and young people! Not only has Chris laid out no less then 150 mindfulness activities, he has provided an amazing introduction with multiple tips on how to apply mindfulness. What a wealth of ideas to not only use in my work but also recommend to the children, young people and families that I see and to use at home with my own family. Thanks for a wonderful contribution to the mindfulness resource pool, Chris! Amazing job compiling all of these wonderful ideas!   

Rebecca Yin Foo, Mother, Educational and Developmental Psychologist and Author of Counselling Children: A Practical Introduction

Wow…what an incredible book.  It’s like you have compiled every great mindfulness-based activity and put all of it in one place.  My son and I have been using some of the activities before he goes to sleep at night and when we have a few quiet moments together and just love it.  As a teacher of mindfulness I know how important it is to incorporate these lessons into our day. This book makes it easy and is a must have for every parent and teacher! I have read so many books on this topic but this is the best by far – so well laid out and carefully explained.  Just pick it up and share the gift of mindfulness with your child!  Thank you for sharing it with me. I’m so grateful to you.

Denise Besic, Mother And Mindfulness Teacher

Wow! What a wonderful resource you have written. I as a mindfulness practitioner, a wife, a mother and teacher of primary children, I am so grateful for your generous, gentle but powerful book on mindfulness. I can now pick up my “go to” guide on facilitating mindfulness sessions for myself(!) and all of the young ones I work with & try one of the many fun activities at a moment’s notice. I love the way you have suggested a “Weekly/ Now & Then” list of activities and the organisation into Purpose/ What you Need etc. Kindness, empathy, compassion, self acceptance are all addressed, with gentle but “REAL” personal anecdotes, using your beautiful young son as a pure example of how mindfulness can impact on us all, regardless of age. In our ever increasing angry, aggressive world, we all surely need to learn HOW to deal with and respond to, these emotions. Self regulation, calm and focus are just some of the benefits you have quoted. I love the categories, the sensory needs addressed, the simple instructions and the guided scripts.
Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experiences with us. 

Terina Parmenter, Mother and Teacher

This book is written in a very accessible way, easy to both understand and use. The idea of mindfulness can be a bit mysterious, but this book brings it down to earth in a child friendly way. The book contains enough background information for the practices to make sense; whetting a reader’s appetite to learn more, without overburdening them. I have been practicing mindfulness for a few years, but have found it difficult to get the idea across to my children. This book will help me, and I look forward to doing the practices with them!

Grainne Hiney-Lehtipuu, Mother

I’ve downloaded your fantastic book today and in the new year will be using the techniques to introduce mindfulness to my children. It’s a fantastic book, thank you. We tried one activity briefly the other day whilst out walking, we stopped and used our senses to be present in the moment. Listening to the birds, smelling the fresh air etc. Was lovely! I’m going to read through the book and pick some out. My children’s ages vary from 13, 4 and 1. So, I’m hoping to introduce them all to mindfulness. I think all schools could do with a copy of your book. It would be wonderful for the children. As I say, thank you for the opportunity to read it before its launched. It really is brilliant!

Lilly Smith, Mother

A very useful and fun book to read, with so many exercises that I expect will be on my beside table for years to come. I have chosen a bunch of exercises to start practicing with my children and am excited to see how we develop over time using the ones for older children and teens. If you are new to mindfulness, this book will guide you not only to help your children, but with your own practice as well. If you already meditate, I expect you will find some surprises on some of these exercises that will help you deepen your own journey. That is, anyway, my own experience.

Natalia Berlanga, Mother and Mindfulness Teacher