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To make mindful breathing kid-friendly we figured out many playful ways together with my 5-year old son.

Baby Shark breathing was one of the funniest and most memorable.

And we wanted to share it with the world in the form of a fun engaging book that shows you exactly how and when it can be helpful.

The story in the book is based on our own experiences with difficult everyday situations showing how mindful breathing has been able to help us handle difficult emotions.

Here’s some early feedback:

“Hi Chris, This is an absolutely delightful book, and I love the artwork.” – Kira, Author

“I love how easy you make mindful breathing.” – Stacy, Mother and Educator

Scroll down if you want to be part of the book launch :)

And check out the video below to see how you can do Baby Shark breathing, too.

PS Want to be part of the book launch?

You can help make this mission successful …

What’s the mission, you ask?

We want to empower children through mindfulness to increase resilience, calm, focus, joy and kindness–ultimately contributing to their overall health and happiness.

This seems even more important now during these difficult times.

Having taught mindfulness for years, we found that play and story telling is one of the best ways to learn and that is why we wanted to create engaging stories and fun books to spread mindfulness skills.

Now, by joining the launch team

You’ll get early access (for free) to our fun book, and you’ll learn about launching a book, too.

And you get to be a key part of the mission (we hope to empower a lot of children with this book).

The job will likely take less than an hour per week …

… for 2-3 weeks in May 2020.

What I expect of awesome launch team ninjas:

It’s not a long list :-)

1. Read the book – it’s SHORT :)

2. Write a short review for us … even a couple of sentences is enough.

3. Share the book with your friends and any bloggers or media contacts you have.

4. Download the book from Amazon when it’s released. (It will be free for you. And you will not need a Kindle.)

5. Post a review on Amazon ( and later on Goodreads if you can ).

This will likely take less than an hour per week (during 2-3 weeks) in May 2020.

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