Thank You for Your
Awesomeness 💕

I’m …


Your vote will help me pick the right cover for the book.

Now, I have a question for you …

Want to be part of the mission?

What is the mission you ask :-)

To … IMPACT as many children and their families as possible through an upward spiral of positivity and expansiveness.

I believe that gratitude practice, when done correctly, is like a magic recipe for positive change.

To sum it up:

Gratitude breeds kindness and kindness breeds more kindness. Gratitude makes us more emphatic, connected and helpful … and less anxious and less aggressive.

And this just might be the change we need to see in our world today.

Something that we can make happen in classrooms and at home.

Now, I’m fortunate because I know that YOU

( yes you )

are the exact CHANGE this planet needs.

If you’re on my newsletter list or if you’re looking for information to help children, you’re one of the kind people on this planet who are making a difference in people’s lives.

If you’re an educator or a counselor, this is most likely why you got started.

If you’re a parent, you want your child to be happy and kind, and to contribute to making the world a better place.

Our community is strong, and we collectively have a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of children! 

That is something I occasionally forget.

Now thinking about that, being part of this community with YOU fills me with gratitude <3

So, to summarize my offer to you…

by joining the launch team …

You can help make gratitude a fun part of the lives of thousands of children. Perhaps even to the point where it becomes a permanent part of their life skills instilling kindness, optimism and success.

Imagine that!

You’ll get early access (for free) to my fun book(s), and you’ll learn about launching a book, too.

You’ll see exactly how I do it because I’m self-publishing … there’s no big publisher making sure it goes okay, but I know how to make it work, together with you :)

And you get to be a key part of the mission spreading cheer, joy and optimism!

The launch team job will likely take less than an hour per week …
… for 2-3 weeks in Nov / Dec 2022.

Here’s what I expect of awesome launch team members:

It’s not a long list :-)

1. Read the first book(s) – it’s SHORT :)
2. Write a short review for me … even a couple of sentences is enough.
3. Share the book with your friends and any bloggers or media contacts you have.
4. Download the book from Amazon when it’s released. (It will be free for you. And you will not need a Kindle.)
5. Post a review on Amazon ( and later on Goodreads if you can ).

This will likely take less than an hour per week (during 2-3 weeks) in Nov / Dec 2022.

So …

Sign up here if you feel like a superhero ready to make positive change and spread cheer and optimism together with our wonderful community:

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