What People Say About Us

I have two very young children and I've been meditating for the last couple of years, so I'm always looking for ways to introduce them to mindfulness and kindness and Blissful Kids is the best I've found this far. I totally recommend it, even for adults!

– Natalia Berlanga, Mom

Blissfulkids disseminates such positive and engaging information for children and teens. As the founder of an outstanding primary school, now working as a family life coach, the work of blissfulkids is vital and necessary in education and for wellbeing.

– Melissa Carter, Founder of Primary School

As a mindfulness teacher i love the content and your simple, creative ideas. Thanks for sharing of yourself.

– Meeghan Norwitz, Mindfulness Teacher

I am a granny and also a Social Worker working with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. I love the work you are doing and use your ideas and suggestions in many of the things I do with children and young people.

– Gilly, Social Worker and Granny

Wow! Absolutely LOVE this! Will be sharing! Thank you Blissful Kids! Excellent!

– Jennifer, Mom

I've shared your website with many people - I LOVE your work.

– Marion, Mindfulness Teacher

Thanks A Million.

– Vidhi, 6th Grader

You are such a blessing to educators! Thank you for creating thoughtful and useable graphics for our kids!

– Amanda, School Director

Many many thanks for your magnificent work!

– Annette, Volunteer in Public Schools

Hello, I am a school psychologist and really love your article on how to explain mindfulness to children.

– Tania, School Psychologist

One of my colleagues recently sent me your website and I think it is great!

– Emma, Child Therapist

Excellent tools and resources for teaching mindfulness to kids, Thank you!

– Raana

I recently stumbled across your website and just love it.

– Tracey, Children’s Yoga Teacher

The activities I have read are easy to adapt to our student population and fun. So thank you for caring.

– Karen, Special Developmental School

This is a great explanation, and not just for kids! I always thought developmental psych books should use way more illustrations, analogies, and cartoons!

– Wise Self Counseling

I work with children and I love your program.

– Pamela

I stumbled upon your website (and love it!), and would like to recommend it to teachers.

– Tiffany

– Hey Mama Meditation

I am excited to use this resource to teach kids next week!

– Katie, Primary School Teacher

Thanks VERY much Chris! It will prove to be an extremely helpful aid when I'm working with the middle schoolers.

– Annette

I Love win... brilliant. Thanks!

– Pamela

What a sweet activity - I love it!

– Jessica

Thank for providing such valuable resources to parents and educators.

– Jennie

Your website is amazing thank u so much. I teach young kids mindfulness and your website is so helpful well done on the hard work done, amazing!

– Laura

I love going through all the different activities and always find great things for my students.

– Karen, Teacher

Thank you for wanting to share your vision and passion!

– Vanja

Your course gave me a stronger sense of security as a mom. The way you explained how the brain works and how we react based on our emotions was a game changer. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I now know that I can control my anger with my kids and I can help them become less reactive too! THANK YOU!

– Sandra, Mother of Two

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful resource. It makes the learning brain function so fun and easy to remember.

– Jennie

Thank you so much. Loved all the articles!

– Laura, Teacher

Really engaged the kids!

– Katie, Teacher

I love what you are doing!

– Jenni

What a cool program you founded, to help your son, Anton.
 I have found some useful techniques on your website, and just shared the Take 5 Breathing with my teaching and counseling staff. I think it is a simple way to teach kids they can control their emotions when they are overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, or anxious.
 Thanks for such a thoughtful approach to teaching kids that they can control their reactions.

– Maryann

Thank you for your site and emails.

– Meghan

Hello, I am a school psychologist and really love your article on how to explain mindfulness to children.

– Tania, School Psychologist

Thank you so much! I really love how you explain mindfulness with such easy to understand text and wonderful pictures to visually grasp the concept. Thanks again!

– Tatjana

I wanted to commend your amazing article about explaining the brain and mindfulness to children. It is so user friendly and relatable for kids!

– Jennifer, Mindfulness Teacher

Hello, thank you very much for your email. I'm a teacher and a grandmother. As a teacher I have teenager's students and as a grandmother I have three grandchildren, of 2,5 and 8 years old. I love blissful kids and the wonderful suggestions you have there, very useful and inspiring. Congratulations. I take profit from it.

– Maria, Grandma

This will be Fabulous for the kids in our groups.

– Robyn, Social Worker