#3: How to Make Practice REAL


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Blissful Kids is our family project. Together with my wife Hanna and our five-year old son Anton we blog and publish books and courses to help you and yours thrive <3 We want to give you easy access to that same sense of contentment, accomplishment, and connection with your kids that our family and my students have experienced. Both parents and educators like our approach because we make mindfulness practice easy, sustainable and often playful and fun too. People often wonder how we’ve made practice so down-to-earth and easy. We think mindfulness practice has to be EASY, FUN and ENGAGING. And we’ve found a recipe to make practice so.

Blissful Kids exists to inspire, empower and challenge you towards creating a life of inner abundance and resilience. With us you’ll find all you need to practice mindfulness with kids and youth in an easy joyful and often playful way.

- Chris, Hanna and Anton Bergstrom

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