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My five-star rated best-selling book comes with 150+ playful activities for calm, focus, joy, kindness and emotional intelligence and regulation.

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Mindfulness Course: Mindfulness of Breath

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Learn the essential core practice of mindfulness: mindfulness of breath. This is your 7-day ultralight mindfulness course with seven wonderful guided exercises to focus your attention, train yourself in emotional awareness and build lasting life skills for a healthier and happier life.

Learn professional techniques during guided practice sessions and get concrete examples of how to apply mindfulness when it matters.

Topics we will be covering in the course:

DAY 1 Counting Your Breath
DAY 2 Noticing Your Breath
DAY 3 Anchor Words
DAY 4 Labeling
DAY 5 Mindful Breathing
DAY 6 Noticing Where Your Thoughts Are ( future, past or present )
DAY 7 A State of Kind Awareness
DAY 8 BONUS: A special loving kindness meditation

This Book Is For You

It’s for you if are a parent, educator, counselor or therapist… Anyone who wants to share  mindfulness with kids and youth in a joyful, easy and sustainable way. 


You want to share mindfulness with kids and youth in a playful way.


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In Ultimate Mindfulness Activity Book you will find:


150+ playful mindfulness activities


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Inspirational examples of how mindfulness makes positive change


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What Parents,  Educators and Therapists Say About Ultimate Mindfulness Activity Book

170+ Five-Star Reviews on Amazon

“Your most valuable Mindfulness Resource for your kids!!!”

“Fun and Engaging”

“The Most Important Mindfulness Book You’ll Ever Buy”

“Awesome guide”

“Activities for busy lives!”

“Huge variety of helpful mindfulness practices for different ages and personalities”

“Very Accessible for Beginners and Practioners Alike”

“Great tool for parents and teachers”

“Great Activities for Managing Anxiety in Children”

“Wow…what an incredible book. It’s like you have compiled every great mindfulness-based activity and put all of it in one place.

I have read so many books on this topic but this is the best by far. Thank you for sharing it with me. I’m so grateful to you.

This book makes it easy and is a must have for every parent and teacher!”

– Denise Besic, Mother and Mindfulness Teacher

“Instructional, meaningful, purposive and engaging book

This book, very well complemented with its website, is a great tool to put into practice in a playful way in family and in the classroom as educators.

Christian Bergstrom is a true teacher of this subject, he even shares his experience warmly in implementing these activities with his young son, which results in excellent practical explanations landed in real life, very clear and congruent.

The author considers that each child is unique and offers us a variety of activities, in this way we can adapt them better to the character of children and teens.

Therefore, he organizes them into 3 categories to choose the one that best helps us in a specific situation or to develop a specific area: activities on focus and calm; for emotional intelligence and regulation; and for joy, gratitude and kindness.

I believe without a doubt that these practices are one of the best gifts we can give us as a family, for our children and educators with a genuine interest in the overall development of children to be able to reach their full potential and happiness.

I sincerely hope that this book will be translated into other languages for the benefit of more children in the world.”

– Roger Reancont

“The Most Important Mindfulness Book You’ll Ever Buy

This book is a must for parents, counselors, and educators everywhere.

We’ve long understood the importance of using mindfulness to combat the stress that comes from lives saturated with technology, social media, and overly busy schedules.

And there is more and more research depicting the detrimental effects of the above on mental, emotional and physical health regardless of age. Furthermore, mindfulness has been shown to have beneficial effects on such conditions as ADHD, as well as emotion regulation, sleep hygiene and overall feelings of positivity and wellness.

Chris has compiled an easy to use, straight forward little gem that provides ideas and techniques for incorporating mindfulness strategies into everyday living. Whether you’re looking to help kids and teens regulate emotions and find balance in an overly saturated world, or you’re wanting to de-stress, and find greater peace as you move throughout your busy day, this book is a definite must.”

– H.P. Hudson LMFT, RN, CPC, ACAP-EFT.

“Wow! What a wonderful resource you have written.

I as a mindfulness practitioner, a wife, a mother and teacher of primary children, I am so grateful for your generous, gentle but powerful book on mindfulness. I can now pick up my “go to” guide on facilitating mindfulness sessions for myself(!) and all of the young ones I work with & try one of the many fun activities at a moment’s notice.

I love the way you have suggested a “Weekly/ Now & Then” list of activities and the organisation into Purpose/ What you Need etc. Kindness, empathy, compassion, self acceptance are all addressed, with gentle but “REAL” personal anecdotes, using your beautiful young son as a pure example of how mindfulness can impact on us all, regardless of age.

In our ever increasing angry, aggressive world, we all surely need to learn HOW to deal with and respond to, these emotions. Self regulation, calm and focus are just some of the benefits you have quoted. I love the categories, the sensory needs addressed, the simple instructions and the guided scripts.

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experiences with us.”

– Terina Parmenter, Mother and Teacher

“What a wealth of ideas…

Mindfulness is an approach that many of the children and young people I work with find engaging; as such I am always on the lookout for new mindfulness resources.

As a psychologist, understanding the underlying theory and evidence base for the approaches I use are essential, however, this often means resources are lacking practical application. This is why I was so excited to find a book full of mindfulness activities for children and young people!

Not only has Chris laid out no less then 150 mindfulness activities, he has provided an amazing introduction with multiple tips on how to apply mindfulness. What a wealth of ideas to not only use in my work but also recommend to the children, young people and families that I see and to use at home with my own family.

Thanks for a wonderful contribution to the mindfulness resource pool, Chris! Amazing job compiling all of these wonderful ideas!”

– Rebecca Yin Foo, Mother, Educational and Developmental Psychologist and Author of Counselling Children: A Practical Introduction

About The Author

Chris Bergstrom is a best-selling mindfulness author and the founder of, a blog dedicated to children’s mindfulness, and a dad who is thrilled to practice mindfulness with his son.

Chris has tried more than 200 mindfulness activities

He is a certified mindfulness facilitator and trained to teach mindfulness to students in K-12. He’s also an executive consultant and has taught meditation for more than 15 years.

During a long adoption phase Chris searched for the best children’s mindfulness techniques to help his child. Chris tried more than 200 mindfulness activities for kids and teens.

He made an empowering discovery: mindfulness could be made both simple and joyful – and if mindfulness was made easy & joyful it would be enjoyable and it would actually stick!

After 8 years of trying to conceive and just 2 weeks before finalizing adoption his wife became pregnant with their son Anton. Chris felt it was nothing short of a miracle and started mindfulness practice when his son was just six months old.

Anton, now 5, knows tools to help him be focused, calmer, less scared, and happier when he needs to be. He even knows how to cheer daddy up by gently guiding Chris through mindfulness activities. It’s amazing what kids can do!

Mindfulness has helped the whole family experience more moments of family peace, heartfelt connection, and laughs.

Chris now teaches mindfulness to kids, teens, parents and educators to give them easy access to that same sense of contentment, accomplishment, and connection with kids and youth.

Chris Bergstrom

What People Say About Chris Bergstrom’s work

“I’m so very grateful for the way you make mindfulness accessible. You simplify it so that anyone can start! Go you Chris!!!!”
– Adrienne Ansley
“Blissfulkids disseminates such positive and engaging information for children and teens. As the founder of an outstanding primary school, now working as a family life coach, the work of blissfulkids is vital and necessary in education and for wellbeing.”
– Melissa Carter, Primary School Founder & Family Life Coach
“As a mindfulness teacher I love the content and your simple, creative ideas. Thanks for sharing of yourself.”
– Meeghan Norwitz, Mindfulness Teacher
“I am a granny and also a Social Worker working with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. I love the work you are doing and use your ideas and suggestions in many of the things I do with children and young people.”
– Gilly, Social Worker
“Hello, I’m a teacher and a grandmother. As a teacher I have teenager’s students and as a grandmother I have three grandchildren, of 2,5 and 8 years old. I love blissful kids and the wonderful suggestions you have there, very useful and inspiring. Congratulations. I take profit from it.”
– Maria, Grandma
“I’ve shared your website with many people – I LOVE your work.”
– Marion, Mindfulness Teacher
“I like that you continue to remind that it can be playful!”
– Jen Griest Hayes
“Thank’s so much Chris, you’re amazing! Your ideas had helped me so many times to build great classes contents! I would like to help kids build stronger self esteem and more perception about their own feelings.”
– Yaacov Rubin
“Thank you so much. My sincere gratitude for such wonderful activities.”
– AiNee Cha
“Excellent work Chris! Be Mindful… Pause… Connect! 🙏💗✌”
– Mindfulness Mentor
“Thank you so much for all this really helpful and fun information. I can’t wait to share with the students at my school 🙏🏻”
– Sami Kelly
“Thanks a lot Chris, I’m a kids’ yoga teacher and your suggestions are really helpful with kids.”
– Margherita Vigo
“Thank you Chris, l am a mindfulness teacher myself and I also work with kids. I love your video and am so looking forward to hearing the rest. Your video is interesting and compelling and to the point. Thanks for making it so easy to follow.”
– Stacy Gross
“You make mindfulness fun! I really like the short, to the point activities in attention. I learn something new and exciting every time I hear from you. Thanks Chris!”
– Jana York
“Thank you for this opportinuty to grow in mindfulness. I look forward to all of the knowledge you have to share! I enjoyed this first part and how you shared from your own life. Thank you Chris!”
– Pamela McKenzie
“Thank you so much Chris! The content is very clear and accessible for all kinds of parents. I love it!”
– Andréa Cappai
“I love hearing about ALL the benefits of mindfulness. So much more than what I was taught in my counseling program.”
– Sharon Morey