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Easy Mindful Breathing For Kids
50% OFF

ANYONE can learn mindful breathing, the way we do it!! In fact here’s what educators and parents say about our activity toolkit:

This training showed me how easy it is to get kids to practice mindfulness and belly breathing in order to calm themselves down!”
– Stephanie, Educator

Can’t wait for school to start so that I can use these techniques.
– Kim, Educator

Easy Mindful Breathing for Kids is a fantastic course to recommend to all parents, too.
– Margherita, Teacher

Good stuff….my favorite new one I learned was the baby, mommy and daddy shark breath! And, I liked the additional ways to practice the box breathing as well as how the butterfly breath feels. Thank you Anton and Chris!”
– Sandy, Educator

It helps them calm down and feel more in control of themselves. Can’t wait for school to start so that I can use these techniques.
– Karen, Educator

Make Mindful Breathing FUN with

Easy Mindful Breathing

✅ 15 activities in less than 50 minutes: Easy for you to learn

✅ Simple activities: Easy for you to teach

✅ Playful activities to easily engage children

✅ Visual, tactile and aural ways for different learning styles

✅ Activities any child can do ( even young ones )

✅ Techniques for children who don’t like to “meditate”

✅ 100% secular and science based so you can teach at school

✅ Short videos ( max 3 min, I know you’re busy )

✅ No prior practice needed

✅ Start practicing with children today

$29 $14.5 Today!

Positive Mindfulness For Kids And Teens
50% OFF

Empower children with essential mindfulness skills. Nurture joy, focus, kindness and calm – with this 4 week mindfulness teacher training for pro-active educators and parents. No prior mindfulness practice needed.

Use my tested method and integrate gratitude, loving-kindness, appreciative joy and mindful breathing practice to your day – at home or at school.

Four video training modules:

Module 1: Gratitude Practice
Module 2: Kindness Practice
Module 3: Appreciative Joy Practice
Module 4: Mindful Breathing Practice

What students say:

“I have done mindfulness exercises with my students before, but this time I used the tips that were given. I came in with a different mindset and even though I thought my students weren’t participating they were and shared their amazing experiences with the class.
– Brittany, Educator

“Thanks for providing me with all of this information. It is going to help my students greatly. Many of the students have used them to help calm their bodies down when they are upset and angry. I had one student come to me and tell me that the Star breathing helped her “Keep it Small”. Teachers are beginning to use it between transitions in the classroom. Thanks for the great ideas.”
– Teresa, Educator

“Thank you. Love the Kindness Ninja practice and kindness conversation. It’s making me have more loving conversations with my family. Loved the whole course and how you make it so simple to introduce to kids. I am constantly using your ninja practices now.”
– Shweta, Mother

“Dear Chris, I have found your course very simple to follow, useful, and so heartwarming. I’ve enjoyed it so much. I’m slowly practicing with my teenage boys. They like the fact that practice is simple and not time consuming. Thank you a lot!”
– Mirela, Mother

I feel more confident trying out ideas and I like how you make the practices so down-to-earth and easy to use.
– Grainne, Mother

Teach Essential Mindfulness Skills

✅ Learn essential mindfulness techniques step-by-step

✅ Build a solid practice with kids and teens

✅ Easy activities to engage children

✅ More advanced activities to go deeper

✅ Activities you can easily squeeze into your schedule

✅ Build your bullet-proof mindfulness tool-kit

✅ 25+ training videos

✅ 100% secular and science based so you can teach at school

✅ 100% self-paced and online

✅ No prior practice needed

✅ Enroll now and get your mindfulness teacher training certificate

$159 $79.5 Today!

Super Fun Mindful Breathing Boards
50% OFF

As you probably already know, mindful breathing practice can lead to improved concentration and calmness.

Using breathing boards helps children to visually understand how they can use their breath for focus and to calm their bodies.

Empower young children to breathe mindfully in a fun, visual and tactile way and show them how they can focus and calm down with the help of mindful breathing.

Get seven Fun Mindful Breathing Boards children can use to do mindful breathing from day one, by tracing the images with their fingers.

$7 $3.5 Today!

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