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Today we will explore and experience the body scan.

The reason I love this exercise is that it helps us get in touch with our bodies and our emotions.

If you’re in a hurry to relax, then please scroll down and listen to the guided meditation.

Emotions are not just experienced mentally; they can be felt in the body. Have you ever had a sinking feeling in your stomach? Or felt your heart pounding when you were scared? How about the weight of stress on your shoulders?

When we’re busy, we often forget to pay attention to our emotions – we become out of touch with our emotional experiences. Often by the time we find out that we’re in a bad mood, it’s already too late. Paying attention to our bodies can give us the opportunity to address our moods and emotions in more skillful ways before they escalate.

When we’re aware of our bodies, we are more connected to our actual experience and can take care of ourselves physically as well as emotionally. The body scan teaches us to do this. If stress tends to shows up in your shoulders, for example, you can counteract it by checking your shoulders to catch the signals of surging stress and then take any necessary action.

You can also learn to notice, nurture, and enjoy positive feelings. If you notice a good feeling in your body — an expansive feeling in your chest, or a general lightness in your body — you can tune in to it and stay with it for a while. You can learn to allow yourself time to recognize and really savour these moments.

Mindfulness supports emotional intelligence. When we learn to monitor our own feelings and emotions, we become aware of our emotions before we act on them. We become more self-aware and better able to handle difficult emotions. This understanding helps us guide our thinking and our actions. We make more informed choices and learn to pay attention to the feelings of others as well. Ultimately, we become more skillful both emotionally and socially.

Okay. Next we’ll do a body scan, which demonstrates the ever-changing state of your body.

With body awareness, we can notice things that were just under the radar, like tense shoulders or an emotion that is building up.

The body scan can be done seated or lying down. Sometimes it can feel energising, and at other times you may notice relaxation or even sleepiness. I personally use the body scan every once in a while to help me drift into sleep. But that isn’t the goal now – so for this first time at least, try to stay awake and aware.

Guided Audio
Body Scan

This guided meditation was borrowed from my Positive Mindfulness for Adults training.

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He is a certified mindfulness facilitator and trained to teach mindfulness to students in K-12. He’s also known as “the dad who tried 200+ mindfulness activities” and has taught meditation for more than 15 years.

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