Finally…a proven program that shows you
exactly how to make mindful breathing practice fun with kids… in less than 50 minutes.
Use my tested activities… and see exactly how we practice with my son… to make mindful breathing easy, playful and sustainable to get the results you want.
Don’t re-invent the wheel. Don’t wonder how to practice with your children. Know for sure using tested activities children can do and remember.
From #1 Best-Selling Mindfulness Author and Teacher Chris Bergstrom

I’ll share an amazing empowering story…of a kid who totally changed the game.

I didn’t like the idea,

but … my son Anton wanted to show his godmother,

Carolina, how he could climb this huge

playground dino thingy in the park,

for the very first time!

The dino is really BIG…

( and NOT built to modern safety standards )

Okay, what happens?

Everyone is watching and

poor Anton is super anxious.

He starts climbing…

he loses his footing a little…

and almost falls!

** YIKES! **

I feel awful.

Anton stops climbing.

There’s fear in his eyes.

He looks frozen.

( In a state of “fight flight freeze” )

Will he quit

and cry for help?

No …

He does something that

completely surprises me!

With tiny shaky hands…

Anton does his favorite

mindful breathing technique,

all on his own.

Then after just five mindful breaths

he’s focused.

He’s calm.

He’s determined.

You should’ve seen him.

He was so cool!

He regained his focus and confidence.

And then he continues to climb…

and reaches the very top on his own!!

I was so impressed and proud of him <3

He used mindful breathing on the spot to help him

succeed when he felt unsure, scared, and overwhelmed.

Mindfulness is sometimes like a real-life superpower!

Now, most importantly… this event was

extremely empowering for my son.

He felt powerful and in control …

He knew he could change the game

all by himself.

He was able to regulate his emotions with this simple activity – exactly when he needed it the most.

It’s astonishing!

My son Anton has used mindful breathing

hundreds of times to change the game …

to focus,

calm down,

feel better

and help others, too!

That is why mindful breathing is our

go-to-activity when we need

( or want )

to feel and perform better.

With love,

Chris Bergstrom

( #1 Best-selling Mindfulness Author and teacher )

How can mindful breathing be so empowering?

I’m a certified mindfulness instructor and I was trained to teach mindfulness K-12. I’ve taught for 10+ years and still… I get blown away by what kids can do.

It is nothing short of amazing to see young children empowered and self-regulating.  

It’s a skill many grown-ups would be envious of :-)

My five-year old son Anton has used mindful breathing to:

defeat anxiety,

deal with pain,

calm down,

beat fear,

focus on a difficult task,

and fall asleep when it was tough to do.

He has guided other kids and even adults through mindful breathing when they needed it.

And it’s not just my son,

anyone can do mindful breathing.

Even children who don’t like to “sit like a pretzel and meditate” can do most of our activities and enjoy it.

Now, even if I can’t promise exact outcomes and results… ( that would not be fair nor legal )

Studies have found that mindful breathing can reduce anxiety, promote self-regulation and positive thinking.

One study showed that daily mindful breathing was effective in reducing test anxiety and increased positive automatic thoughts in University students in just one week. (1)

Another study showed that mindful breathing training can improve inhibitory control and response monitoring. (2)

By learning to focus on your own breathing first, you can learn to focus, calm down and handle difficult emotions, thoughts and situations.

I think it makes sense, when you’re able to improve focus and feel better, you can improve many things.

Things like:


Test taking


Public speaking





Pretty much anything gets easier when you’re able to focus and feel better.

What can kids learn with mindful breathing?

Paying attention to your breath can be calming.


Focusing is a skill you can train yourself to do.


You can have the power to focus on what you want to focus on… and perform better.


Focusing on your breath can help you to manage difficult thoughts and emotions.

What if you’d known this as a child?

Imagine that!

But…how can I make something I thought boring…
kid friendly and fun instead?

If you’ve practiced mindful breathing then you’ll know there’s this inner resistance.

And some even say that:

“It’s too hard for kids.”

* it’s not true  *

I can confidently say that from my own experience

and based on the feedback of my students.

But I get it…

It does take time and practice.

It’s not like you do it once and your children do it on their own for the rest of their lives…

You want to commit AND make it:

easy for you


easy for the child.

If you don’t then it will be hard.

I had the same problem…

At first I couldn’t get my head around how kids could learn something I had a hard time doing and quite frankly avoided to some extent.

Honestly, mindful breathing can feel like a chore, but it should not be made one for kids.

Instead of teaching kids on their terms, we do… THIS

We try to have kids do it the same way we do it


We make it boring for kids


Then we give up because kids aren’t responding

( I’m not blaming anyone …I did all these mistakes at first, too )

The solution is simple

I’ve been teaching mindfulness techniques since before 2005, and I’ve tried more than 200 (!) mindfulness activities for kids. 

So, I guess… I was bound to stumble on a few smart ways make the practice accessible for kids.

And I did!

I tried many activites… and learned so much from absolutely amazing people teaching kids around the globe.

What unlocked it for me was…

understanding the importance of play.

Interestingly, according to experts, we learn best when we get to play. 

“It takes approx. 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain – unless it’s done with play, I which case it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions”

– Dr Karyn Purvis

So, I figured that…

mindful breathing is supposed to be playful, easy and memorable for kids, too!

We started figuring out playful mindful breathing activities. It was fun and we even came up with a few of our own unique ways to do “super kid-friendly” mindful breathing.

We asked ourselves…

“What if you could be a bird or a butterfly or baby-shark during practice?”

What if we could use

our imagination,


a pen,

and fun print-outs?

Turns out you can! :-)

We figured out



and tactile ways

for kids to practice.

And that made all the difference.

Figuring this out and seeing how others were frustrated we decided to do something about it and help others.

So, together with my five-year old son we created something special for you

We put everything we had learned about mindful breathing into a brand-new video mini-course for you.

We decided to include 15 (!) activities because it’s important for kids to have variety and to find their favorite way to do it.

It’s funny how some kids think one way of doing mindful breathing is “boring or stupid” and then another one is cool :-)


Easy Mindful Breathing for Kids

How to make mindful breathing practice playful and sustainable… in less than 50 minutes.

For the first time, I’m sharing all our favorite mindful breathing activities in this video mini-course.

Don’t ever feel stuck or out of ideas. Now you can quickly master 15 mindful breathing activities…

…and use any of my seven fun Mindful Breathing boards to instantly practice mindful breathing with children.

Since these activities have been tested and designed to be memorable, you’ll be confident teaching these to kids.

Use our tested activities… and see exactly how we practice with my son… to make mindful breathing easy, playful and sustainable to get the results you want.

Highlights of Easy Mindful Breathing for Kids

15 activities in less than 50 minutes: Easy for you to learn.


Get unstuck: Find new inspiration.


Simple activities: Easy for you to teach.


Playful: Easy-to-do and easy to remember activities.


Activities young children can do ... even children who don't like to sit down and meditate


Short videos ( max 3 min, I know you’re busy )


Practice with kids instantly: Zero prior practice needed.


Learn how I helped my son practice on his own.


Start with "super easy" activities and progress with your kids as they learn.


Sustain the practice to get the benefits you want.

An UNBEATABLE guarantee:

Try Easy Mindful Breathing for Kids for 14 days, risk free. If you don’t love the mini-course I insist that you get 100% of your money back. Just let us know within 14 days of buying and we will refund 100% of your investment (no questions asked). Simply contact us via our support for a full, fast, and friendly refund. Get risk-free access below, and we’ll see you inside. 

See what other people just like you say about Easy Mindful Breathing for Kids

“This course has really opened my eyes to the numerous simple, joyful, and easy to follow mindfulness tools for helping children.

These powerful mindfulness breathing exercises helps to encourage self-awareness, inner calm, and emotional regulation in children (and adults of all ages).

I believe the advice, suggestions, instructions (written and visual) are excellent!

I feel more confident in sharing these mindful breathing exercises for children at both home and school environments!

A lifelong learning of these breathing techniques can be started.

Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge and insights!”

– Vanessa, Mom and Early Childhood Educator

“Easy Mindful Breathing for Kids is a fantastic course to recommend to all parents.”

 Margherita, Teacher

“I was already pretty well versed on mindfulness and mindful breathing, but I loved having specific kid-oriented activities to make it more accessible to a younger audience.”

– Amanda Mercer, Licensed Professional Counselor

“These breathing exercises are easy and effective and I feel confident about using them to teach other kids.”

– Yin Mee Cheah, Educator and Mindfulness Teacher to Both Children and Adults

The empowering material you’ll get instant access to :

Full Easy Mindful Breathing for Kids Video Mini-Course


15 activity videos ( I've used these exact activities to teach kids how to focus, calm down and feel better )


Best Practices Ebook


Best Practices Cheat Sheet

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See what other people just like you say about Chris’s mindfulness training:
“I’m so very grateful for the way you make mindfulness accessible. You simplify it so that anyone can start! Go you Chris!!!!”


“You make mindfulness fun! I really like the short, to the point activities in attention. I learn something new and exciting every time I hear from you. Thanks Chris!”

– Jana

“I started to look and feel things in a different way… with more joy” 


“I feel like I connected with my daughter and helped her through some difficult emotions.” 

– Grainne

“I have done mindfulness exercises with my students before, but this time I used the tips that were given. I came in with a different mindset and even though I thought my students weren’t participating they were and shared their amazing experiences with the class.”

– Brittany

“Practicing really helps pull me out of my thoughts/stresses and brings me back to the moment where all is usually good. Thank you for helping me get back to it!”

– Sarah

Get instant access to our playful mindful breathing activities

The course is short by design and to the point… and even fun to watch.

Best of all, it takes less than 50 minutes to master 15 playful mindful breathing activities.

Easy Mindful Breathing for Kids was created to make mindful breathing… easy :-)

Easy for you to teach…

and easy for children to practice!

I’ve used these exact activities to teach kids how to focus, calm down and feel better.

Get started now.

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P.S. Learning how to teach children to feel better was one of my biggest breakthroughs in life.

There is no better feeling than the feeling that you have impacted a child in a positive way—possibly for the rest of their life.

Imagine being able to help children in ways that schools usually don’t. Children aren’t taught how to focus, but they are told to pay attention every day. Children are told to “calm down” but aren’t taught how to handle big emotions.


We can help kids change the game. Make them feel powerful and in control. To feel better… to self-regulate… handle anxiety… calm down… beat fear… focus on a difficult task and ultimately succeed!

Sure, it takes practice ( you have to keep going and commit to it ) but I guarantee you… it’s absolutely worth it. 

Teaching kids mindfulness skills can change their lives…

and guess what

…it totally changed mine :-)

With love,

Chris Bergstrom

( #1 Best-selling Mindfulness Author and teacher  )

Yes, I want instant access to Easy Mindful Breathing for Kids

Get started RIGHT NOW

— For only $29

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, email us.
We’re happy to help


*EU VAT charges will apply to EU billing addresses.

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